Diving snorkel Diving breathing tube Waterproof Anti choking


This is a waterproof and anti choking diving vent pipe.

Made from food grade silicone bite and PC material tube body.

There is an automatic valve at the top of the diving vent pipe, which automatically closes when the entire vent pipe is submerged in water, preventing water from entering the vent pipe and effectively preventing water suffocation.

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There is an automatic water stop valve on the top of the diving snorkel. When the whole snorkel is submerged in the water, the valve can be closed in time to prevent water from entering the snorkel, which can effectively prevent water from choking.

When the upper end of the diving snorkel emerges from the water, the valve will pop open, and ventilation can be performed at this time.

There is a novel drainage device at the lower end of the diving snorkel. If a small amount of water enters the tube, you can blow air to drain the water!


Color: Black, White, Pink, Yellow

Material: PC + Silicone

Weight: 188g

Size: length 45cm

Weight 0.2 kg

Black, White, Pink, Yellow


Style 1, Style 2, Style 3


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